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Federation Information

The Federation Meet, in theory, brings together the top 27 Teams and the Top 70 Individuals. The athletes come for the following associations: NYSPHSAA (16 Teams, 40 Individuals), CHSAA Upstate (1 Team, 3 Individuals), CHSAA (6 Teams, 12 Individuals), PSAL (3 Teams, 12 Individuals) and AIS (1 Team, 3 individuals). Mathematically a maximum of 259 runners can complete in the race.

Team Selections: You may qualify as a Team for the Federation Meet theoretically in one of three ways. The first way is for your team to win their Class at the State Meet and finished in the Top 10 of the State Meet Merge from A, B, C, and D Races. The second way is to have an exemplary performance. An exemplary performance means that when the computer merges the A, B, C and D races together your team would place somewhere in the top 5 to 10 teams. Typically the committee will take 5-9 teams from this merge, which would usually include the class champions if they are in the Top 10 of the Merge. The additional 7-11 teams are selected at large, based on merit from their performances at the state meet, sectionals or major invitational. Teams selected at large may not have qualified for the state meet but are considered based upon demonstrated performances throughout the season.

If you feel that your team should be considered for Federation Selection it is imperative that you complete a resume of their season performances and give it to your Section Coordinator at Sectionals.

The resume must include the following:

1. Name of Invitational(s) and your Team Finish at each. (Actual Scores Help)

2. State Ranked Teams that you beat at each invitational. (Actual Scores Help)

3. State Ranked Teams that beat you at each invitational. (Actual Scores Help)

4. Your Team’s aggregate time for runners 1-5 at each invitational.

5. State Ranked Team’s aggregate time for runners 1-5 at each invitational.

It is possible to compare teams that may have been in other races at the invitational using aggregate time. If a team’s aggregate time is from another race on that day, please indicate what race.

Use the Team Information Sheet for consideration to the Federation Meet Individual Selections: After all the teams are selected for the Federation meet, the team’s individual runners are removed from the computer merge. The first 18 individuals not on a selected team are then chosen based upon their state meet performance for participation in the Federation Meet. The next 22 spots are divided equally among the 11 sections. Section IV’s two selections are made in the following manner. The top two runners based upon time from the State Meet are given top priority, regardless of class. If no other athlete is within 10 seconds of the selected athlete’s state meet performance then they will represent Section IV at the Federation Meet. If another athlete is within 10 seconds of the top two athletes, then a combined time of their sectional and state meet performances will determine who represents Section IV at the Federation Meet. The Section Coordinators reserve the right to adjust this selection process based upon injuries, weather conditions, or unforeseeable circumstances that may prevent the “obvious” athlete from advancing.

Team Composite Calculation Form-PDF Version

Team composite Calculation Form-Excel Version

Federation Entry Information Sheet

Fed Declaration Form